Inspired by Roman nanotechnology, Isotropic Systems is changing the global connectivity and communications landscape. Founder and CEO John Finney joined the ATI Boeing Accelerator for a fireside chat where we talked about the early days of the business, receiving support from strategic investor Boeing HorizonX Global Ventures, and building in a diversity and inclusion strategy from day one.

John Finney, Founder and CEO of Isotropic Systems

We kicked off by learning more about John’s background. Having spent 25 years in the telecoms sector (with half of his time spent on ground base terrestrial communications), John brought Huawei into Europe for the first time and took them to their…

Founded in 2015 by Daghan Cam and Michail Desyllas, Ai Build closed a $1M seed round earlier this year to bring their AI-powered platform AiSync to automotive brands, Formula 1 teams and, through the ATI Boeing Accelerator, the aerospace sector.

We sat down with Daghan and Michail to hear about the early days of their startup journey, reflect on their experience on the programme, and find out how Ai Build is making additive manufacturing efficient for a more sustainable aerospace industry.

Ai Build founders (l-r): Michail Desyllas, COO, and Daghan Cam, CEO.

Explain your product in one sentence

AiSync is an AI-powered software that makes additive manufacturing efficient, unlike traditional 3D…

UK-based startup Productive Machines delivers software that maximises the sustainability of machining processes by reducing costs, eliminating waste, and improving productivity. The ATI Boeing Accelerator team recently caught up with CEO and Founder Erdem Ozturk to learn more about his start at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) in Sheffield, how the team is addressing sustainability challenges in aerospace, and what the year ahead looks like for the business.

Erdem Ozturk, CEO and Founder of Productive Machines, presents at the 17th CIRP Conference on Modelling of Machining Operations

Explain your product in one sentence

Productive Machines is a digital twin-based learning platform which helps machining companies reduce machining costs, eliminate waste and improve productivity.

What problem is Productive Machines…

SensaWeb is on a mission to revolutionise real-time radiation monitoring and bring it into the 21st century. Simon Turner, Co-Founder and CEO, first understood this was a critical issue over 10 years ago when he was decommissioning a nuclear reactor — the radiation monitoring units were just not working, leaving staff with no safety alerts, and at risk.

Together with Darren Oliver, SensaWeb Co-Founder and CTO, the team are delivering real-time information on radiation exposure to immediately and automatically identify and alert responsible parties of potential risk. …

We were delighted to recently welcome Mark Thomas, CEO of Reaction Engines, for a fireside chat at the ATI Boeing Accelerator. Reaction Engines is known for its Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine (SABRE), a hybrid engine blending jet and rocket technology that is capable of Mach 5 in air-breathing mode and Mach 25 in rocket mode for space flight. Reaction Engines is also a Boeing HorizonX Global Ventures portfolio company — in 2018, HorizonX invested alongside Rolls-Royce Plc and others in a £26.5 million Series B funding round.

Mark’s lifelong passion for engineering and technology means he relishes the chance to…

Makersite has demonstrated use cases in supply chain resilience and Net Zero across many different industries, and the ATI Boeing Accelerator is excited to support the team as they take on aerospace. It’s been a pleasure to work with both Neil Dsouza, CEO and Founder and Niki Inglis, Senior Account Executive and the wider team. We recently sat down with Neil to learn more about how they’re using their technology to connect and enrich cross-departmental data into digital twins for analysis, collaboration, and decision support.

Neil D’Souza, CEO and Founder of Makersite

Explain your product in one sentence

Makersite is a digital twin platform that uses AI…

Signol use their behavioural science approach to help airlines cut fuel use and carbon emissions, all while improving employee wellbeing. It’s been a pleasure to work with the Signol team at the ATI Boeing Accelerator.

In this interview, Divya Sukumar, Behavioural Scientist, and Jay Ramsay, Product Manager, tell us more about their study with Virgin Atlantic Airways, advice for building great team culture as a small startup, and experience on the programme so far.

Divya Sukumar, Behavioural Scientist, and Jay Ramsay, Product Manager, at Signol

Explain your product in one sentence

Signol is an app and communication service that uses the latest behavioural science to nudge key decision-makers to be measurably…

As we begin to fly again, a key focus area for airlines will be the safety and health of its passengers and employees. This is where MIME Technologies comes in with its Aiber first response kit to support non-medical professionals in environments which are remote from immediate medical care. Anne Roberts, Co-founder & CEO, talks to the ATI Boeing Accelerator about improving crew confidence, how the team first came together in Scotland and her insights on building a strong board for your business.

Co-founder & CEO of MIME Technologies

Explain your product in one sentence

We support cabin crew to manage an inflight medical emergency, help…

Reducing the environmental impact of flying is a top priority for the aerospace industry. Phycobloom are on a mission to change the world’s energy habits and decarbonise air travel through the use of algae biofuels. Hear from John Waite and Ian Hu, co-founders of the business, about engineering algae for biofuel production, why your long-term mission matters when finding the right investors, and their advice for maintaining a good cofounder relationship.

Co-founder of Phycobloom: Ian Hu, CTO, and John Waite, CEO

Explain your product in one sentence

Phycobloom are using synthetic biology to create strains of algae that can convert carbon dioxide into sustainable fuels cheaply and easily.

What problem…

Datch works with customers across the mining, energy, and manufacturing sectors and we’re excited to support them on the ATI Boeing Accelerator as they grow in the aerospace industry. Mark Fosdike, Founder and CEO of Datch, talks to us about bringing innovation into aerospace and shares his advice for remote hiring and finding the right investors for your business.

Mark Fosdike, Founder & CEO of Datch

Explain your product in one sentence

Datch is a voice artificial intelligence (AI) for industry.

What problem is Datch solving in the aerospace industry?

We’re working with frontline teams in operations and maintenance to help streamline their daily processes. For example…

Ksenia Kurileva

Programme and Marketing Manager at ATI Boeing Accelerator | Alumni Ambassador at John Cabot University

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